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:::With Every Second Glance I Fall Apart Again [entries|friends|calendar]
The Markings Of A Girl Unknown

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friends only. [ When I Wake To The Train @:
11:41pm on 02x20x10
[ mood | artistic ]

friends only ♥ comment to be added
Your Paint.

[ When I Wake To The Train @:
12:04am on 09x26x06
baby, i'm all yours
Your Paint.

hi lovelies! [ When I Wake To The Train @:
11:19am on 01x30x06
i just finished up with my advanced word processing assignment
and i have nothing else to do.
so i figured i'd update with you loves with what i'm doing.
i'm sitting here. with my 'phones on. because we have a sub today.
yes i just said 'phones. short for headphones
i miss Mrs. Mosco shes theee coolest teacher ever.
anyway i'm listening to RFR like i said before
they put up made to be scene. and i'm listening to it. the sweetest song in thee world well third sweetest (first being last ride second being closeup ♥ )
so. if your not busy. or if your bored.
hop on over to purevolume.com/runningfromromance
listen to made to be scene.
it's pure music to your ears.
and yeah. i'm probably doing this because Justin told me to do it. if your wondering hahahaha.

again. www.purevolume.com/runningfromromance

happy birthday kaycee!
1 Pull Out All Your Paint.

[ When I Wake To The Train @:
9:09am on 11x29x05
we're gonna take this town alive
we're gonna show them what its like
when pretty faces
sleep with secrets


go listen.
Your Paint.

[ When I Wake To The Train @:
6:44am on 09x29x05
i guess we mean SHIT to you
honestly i thought things were getting back to normal well guess what...they arent
if you thought i hated you before...its a million times worse.

i guess its true. you hate all of us. except for one person.
1 Pull Out All Your Paint.

[ When I Wake To The Train @:
3:57pm on 09x20x05
i'm just not going to care anymore....
2 Pull Out All Your Paint.

I send myself to you. Yes and always [ When I Wake To The Train @:
10:23am on 04x21x05
[ mood | lonely ]

I love my friends <3
I'm writing this extremely stupid paper on Marie and Pierre Curie.
This has no need to be friends only.
I have a bandaid on my hand.
I'm lonely. =(
Thursdays suck. hardcore.
I'm in love again with that person and it hurts like hell. but i love it.

this is the most controversial non-friends only post i have made.

x.casey i'm sorry for being extremely mean lately no hard feelings i hope.call me later?.xoxox.x

leave me comments. =)

Your Paint.

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